Thursday, September 12, 2013

9 Days and Subtracting :)

Seriously... 9 days... where has the time gone... I am freaking out... How am I ever going to get enough stuff made for the show.

Well, is definitely creeping in on me... but that is life. Mom's boyfriend, Tim, made me a pretty awesome thread rack today... I am hoping to have enough hand dyed and painted thread to fill it, lol... I am thinking cotton, bamboo, and silk are pretty good choices for tatters and super fine crocheters. But, guess Ill see what happens :)

Here are the pics of last nights progress... after work, I am hoping to get more done...
The drying rack... I love changing her "clothes" :)

The making of Lemon-Lime Roving

Red, Orange, and Yellow

"Go Gators" Roving

The Purple and Teal yarn from yesterday... don't mind the little ones head in the bottom :)

Wool/Silk Blend... Lovin the colors...

"Go Gators" Rolags - Teeswater, Silk, and Bamboo... Yummy!

Lets see what I can get done tonight... and see you tomorrow :)

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