Thursday, September 26, 2013


I know that I am a little behind with getting this posted... but I have been trying to re-coop from all the festivities of the Fiber In 2013 :)

I really had no idea what to expect and definitely stressed myself out for nothing, lol. The event was amazing... Everyone was super friendly and no one had a negative thing to say about my booth. So basically, I could have chilled out a little bit... but of course, that is just not who I am :)

On Friday, I made four trips to my car (with a cart) to unload all the product I brought... maybe a little more than was needed, but I think it was perfect. It took until about 10:30pm to finish setting up the table and getting prices put on everything.

Saturday morning came so quickly... I picked up Laurie on the way and we headed north (I make it sound like it was so far away... 45 minutes)... Things kicked off pretty quickly and there were people everywhere... Before I knew it, there was a lady standing in front of me smiling... I wasn't sure who she was at first... you know that split second when you haven't seen someone in a while and then there they are... It was Miss Jayne :)

It had been about 2 1/2 years since I had last seen Miss Jayne... after I had the boys, Aaron and I took a trip back to Naples to visit her... She had definitely changed since I saw her last... her hair was a lot longer, beautifully brunette, and curly... All I could do was hug her... and cry :) She was there for me when my step dad passed away and it hit me really hard... so to see her again made me sad and happy all at the same time. Jayne works up at Central Florida Zoo now and took off work so that she could come visit the Fiber In... You see, she taught herself how to knit about a year or less ago... and the night before, had finished a sweater... full of cables and everything... Talk about a challenge :)

We got to visit til about 3pm, when she had to get home to take care of Tyger (her kitty) and get ready for work on Sunday... there were a bunch of tears and hugs... even if the event would have sucked (which it definitely did not)... it was well worth getting to spend the day with Jayne... we picked up right where we left off, as if the last two years had never even happened :)

So, now that I am good and teary eyed... lets get back to the fiber-y fun! 

I didn't get a chance to see any of the demos... but from what I heard, they were amazing... I did however get to meet a ton of people... Mara, Brooke, Patty, Dawn, Katie, Janet, Tracie, Catherine (Sorry for spelling it with a K), Mandy, Heidi, Lori Ann, and I know there are a ton more that I am not remembering... but trust me, I remember your faces :) 

For the most part, when I wasn't helping anyone in the booth, I was making rolags and doing demonstrations on the blending board... At around 7pm.. we headed over to the restaurant... not really sure what it was called, but its the Brick*** something. Food is always great over there :)

Sunday - Laurie had to stay home and spend her anniversary with her husband... how could I be mad at her for not going with me, when its her anniversary? I was just happy to have her for the day :) So, I asked Tracie (I met her at Four Purls) if she would be willing to help me... of course, she agreed to be my helper... and for the most part, Sunday was very laid back and we just packed up the space and headed home.

Okay, so here are all the pics I took :)

Entering into the Twin Mommy Creations Booth - I think it turned out pretty good for a first timer :)

Side View... Love the rainbow Alpaca Rack

Another Angle

Inside Side

Other side if the booth

Another pic... this one has Dianetoo's spinning wheel... she was selling it :)

I feel like the booth turned out really well... especially since there were so many colors everywhere... Hope you all thought so too :)

Funny Face Farms... Gotta love the Grumpy Bunny!

Four Purls... she had a ton of stuff... but diversity is always great!

I am loving that bag :)

Sunshine Knit Designs/Long Dog Handspun

Long Dog Fiber... Panda :)

Took this pic for you Patty :)

Kathleen's Spin - See the Yarn Bombed Chair she made...

One of my favorite pics... 

Some of Kathleen's Batts

Raspberries... Tons of color

Angelina Tower... How fun is this?

Gorgeous Jewelry... I love the teal

Tower of Color :)

Ewephoric Fibers... I can't wait to master the Takhli I got from them :)

Love this braid rack

HaldeCraft... they made this sign with felt!

Their whole set up was very elegant


Soap... this pic should be cropped and framed :)

Time Link Forge - Orifice Hook

Personal Favorite Here!

I think that is all the shops... Now onto the People :)

Spinning Circle... along with some knitting and crocheting

Spin, Spin, Spin!

Some new friends... Katherine, Heidi, and Mandy... Mrs. Brenda is in front :)

I love catching people off guard... they are always the most interesting pictures :)

Jane from Ewephoric teaching spindle spinning...

And lastly some pics of the custom ordered rolags from the show :)

I didn't catch her name... but she was the young lady helping out Billie at Funny Face Farms... she wanted some rolags to match her yarn... and I must say they turned out great :)

These were for Tracie

Here is a sample, spun from the above rolags... I love the way it turned out!

Another set for Tracie.

And of course, I didn't take a pic of the set for Mara... Unicorn Toots... 
Hopefully everyone was happy with their custom orders and has a ton of fun spinning!

The 10th Annual Fiber In was an awesome event.. and for those of you who missed it, hopefully next year will work out better for you :)

Thank you to everyone who purchased from me, and was willing to give me a shot as an indie dyer and spinner, I really appreciate it... To all the new friends, I hope to see you all again... and may everyone's fiber love grow and grow! Huge Hugs, Ann

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