Monday, September 16, 2013

7, 6, 5 More days...

The weekend was crazy here... And I couldn't get my laptop to work, so no posts... I got quite a bit done though... despite having other things that needed to be taken care of.

Then this morning when I got to work... someone broke in over the weekend and vandalized four of the big work trucks... most of you don't know, but I work for my mom... and we are a small electrical company that specializes in cell phone antennas... So having two pathetic guys (yes, we have video cameras)... break in and make our vehicles inoperable... it really hits up pretty hard :(

So, anyways... enough about all the crappy things in life... lets get onto the good stuff... FIBER :)

The Drying Rack 9-14-13

Loose Dyed Fiber by the Ounce 9-14-13

More Colors by the Ounce 9-15-13

Sugar Plum Rolags (Custom Order)

Candy Store Rolags

Valerie's Reds (Custom Order)

"Pale Rose" Roving - Love this one :)

Yarn Drying this Morning 9-16-13

Rolag Work Station... 

Lets hope tomorrow goes smoother and I can get some more done tonight :)

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