Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Wonderland... Spun

As promised... the yarn from yesterday's post was dry when I got home from work last night... 

120 yards - 3-Ply (N-Ply) - Fingering to Sport Weight

"Skate Park"


And onto the next skein, lol... I honestly thought that these rolags would have sold... but they didn't, so they became another addition to the handspun collection :)

"Winter Wonderland" Rolags

*Angelina (Red, Green, and Gold)

The Single

Since I almost felt like the yarn was a little too subtle... I decided that it needed something to "pop"... how about some RED Cotton/Polyester Thread???

Plied with Thread

On the Knitty Noddy


And this one was actually dry this morning... 
115 Yards - Plied with Thread - Thick/Thin - But Primarily Sport Weight

The red sort of mutes out the green... but it reminds me of the holidays


The next skein is going to be a bit of a larger project... the process has already begun, lol :)

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