Thursday, December 18, 2014

A New Wheel... A New Yarn...

A couple weeks ago, I saw an ad on Facebook for a used Ashford Joy 1... It was a great price... so I messaged to seller... and wouldn't you know that I was the first person to contact her (the listing had only been active for 4 minutes, lol).

After talking with her for a bit, I went ahead and took the plunge... and I couldn't be happier :)

I even took it out at work and gave it a "test spin" before heading home for the day... this picture is under my desk at work, lol.

Ashford Joy 1

Before I show you the new yarn that was spun... I have to share the dried yarn from yesterday... Surprise Batt #2 Yarn - Approximately 50 yards - Worsted/Bulky Weight - 2-Ply

I freaking love it

All Skeined

Now, onto the new yarn from off the Joy... These rolags are some that never sold online, so rather than re-listing them, I decided that one day I would spin them... and yesterday was the day.

"Skate Park" Rolags

*A bit of Angelina

The Single

Navajo/Chain Ply... so its a 3-Ply... Between Fingering/Sport Weight

On the Knitty Knoddy


I actually washed this one last night and had it hang to dry over night... but it was still a bit yet this morning... so hopefully tonight I will measure and photograph it.

I have only spun a little on the Ashford Joy 1... but I love how smoothly it "runs"... I cant wait to get my Kiwi put together now... especially since I have been putting it off for two years now :(

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