Friday, December 12, 2014

A Yearning to Spin...

I will be honest and say that it has probably close to three months since I have spun on a wheel... I have playing slightly with a drop spindle here and there... but haven't really finished anything.

Yesterday morning... something told me that I needed to spin... my wheels all "live" at the foot of my bed... so its not like I don't see them everyday... just never feel like I have the time... So before getting the boys ready for preschool, I brought the Fricke out to the living room and started spinning.

I had bought a few batts from Joe Cole at "What the Flock" about three months back... started spinning one of the batts, and that is what was still on the wheel... so that is where I began :)

2 ounce Batt of Superwash Merino and Nylon - It reminds me of a Batman Character, lol.

This is Joe's Picture of the Batt... because I completely forgot to take one of my own

I decided that I wanted to try and make a yarn that would change colors like they do in the batt... I was semi-successful with that plan... although things are blended, so they will never be 100% separated... 

The Single Yarn

The N-Ply (Chain Ply) Yarn

Skeined Up

Ready to be Washed...

The yarn was really not as dark as the pictures look... one of the perks of using a phone camera... things never turn out how they really look... 

The "Wash"

There was a lot of color in the water... sometimes this is because of a bad dye job... but I do not feel like that is the case with this fiber at all... The colors are exactly the same as they were when the yarn went into the water... so it leads me to believe that the fiber had absorbed as much dye as it could... and this was just a little extra that needed to come off. Plus I'm sure there was dust from that three month "resting" period, lol.

Final Rinse to Remove the Soap

This yarn is currently hanging in my living room drying... I can not wait to get home and see if it is dry... I have no idea what my plans are with it... but I'm sure something will happen, lol. 

There are two more batts waiting to be spun from "What the Flock"... and the wheels are already turning to see how they turn out.

As soon as the yarn is dry, I will be back to share the pictures with you...

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