Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Each Day is an Adventure!

Each day when I get up, I want to spin... and each day when I get home from work, I want to spin... It makes me feel so lazy... I should really be doing the dishes or folding laundry... but I just don't want to, lol.

So, I have just been happily spinning...

The yarn from yesterday's post ( is dry... 

60 yards of 2-Ply Thick/Thin Yarn... with tons of different "ingredients" :)

Look at all the colors!

In the Skein

Its roughly 8-9 WPI

Now that I'm spinning all this "extra" fiber that is laying around... I feel like I'm constantly on a scavenger hunt to see what my next fiber to spin will be...

It happens to be a Twin Mommy Creations Batt that I never listed online... and it has been sitting in the package on the kitchen table for about 8 months now...

It's called a "Surprise Inside", because the colors change and are not the same as the outside

Surprise Inside Batt #2

The Single - see the green???

And since the batt was pretty small (weight wise)... and I let the fiber do what it wanted... I didn't want to even attempt a N-Ply... so Andean Plying it was again...

Plying Bracelet



This one might be my new favorite... the mixed up colors are awesome... This skein got "washed" this morning... so if everything goes well, you will get to see it tomorrow :)

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