Friday, June 6, 2014

Phat Fiber Samples - June 2014

This month for Phat Fiber... the theme is "Birds of a Feather"... so I figured why not add some feathers :)

I ended up doing rolag samples, as well as stitch markers... the rolags are called "Tail Feather" and the stitch markers are called "Hummingbird Migration"

"Tail Feathers" - Falkland, Silk Noil, Angelina, and Peacock Feathers

Yes, that is right, Peacock Feathers... they are ones that were collected from dropped tail feathers and then sterilized... I added them right to the blending board.

Here is a sample of what the yarn might look like spun up... see the shining of the feather at the top :)

Now, like I said, there are also stitch markers... 

"Hummingbird Migration" Stitch Markers

These are fun little hummingbirds... they are a mix of blues and shimmering silver... and each one has a little seed bead for the eye :)

The first set of each have been listed on my Etsy store... there will be more listed over the next couple of weeks... and the Phat Fiber Sample Boxes go on sale June 21st :)

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