Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June Challenge - Patriotism - Traditional Yarn - DONE :) - Plus some Art Yarn, lol

I finished the first June Patriotism Challenge yarn last night... I even got it washed and dried... so I feel pretty accomplished at the moment (although there is so much that still needs to be done, lol).

The yarn ended up being a worsted weight and 245 yards :)

Skeined (cell phone pic)

Pre-wash (cell phone pic)

And look at that...

I absolutely love how it turned out... the whole time I was spinning it, I was pretty upset and was hating the outcome... but now I have a totally different opinion... I freaking love it...

Its not the softest yarn... but its not that bad... I think it would make a killer hat or some sweet fingerless mitts!!!


I also forgot that I signed up for a Art Yarn spin-a-long and knit-a-long... 

Here is the Batt I will be spinning from... it came from Carrie at Unraveled Designs :)

Skeined and waiting to be washed (cell phone pic)

Is it bath time yet??? (cell phone pic)

And look at that... I once again am in LOVE!!!

I ended up with a thick-thin yarn that measured around 65 yards... so the perfect amount that is needed to the KAL... I cant wait to see how it turns out.

I'm not sure of the fiber content of the batt... but I could tell that there were Suri Locks, Merino, and Firestar in it... and I plied the yarn with a Cotton/Poly Thread :)

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