Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bees in the Tree...

A couple weeks ago, I noticed some kids in the neighborhood throwing rocks at the base of my neighbors tree... At first I was sort of pissed that they were trying to hit a squirrel or something... then the kids took off running down the street, and I realized that there were tons of bees coming out of the base of the tree.

I didn't really think much about it, I just don't want them getting in our trees... and definitely not the house.

Well, when I came home last night... the tree was in a pile by the roadside... apparently the neighbors knew that there were bees in the base, and decided that it had to go... Only problem is that the bees are now everywhere... last night wasn't too bad... but this morning was a whole different story.

Since they are more active during the day... they were out in full swing buzzing all over the place... I just had to creep over and get some pictures...

Its an Oak Tree... and about 7 to 8 feet in diameter.

You can see the bee damage at the bottom, but also on the left side of the picture... 

Look at them all

And one more...

I just hope that they get a beekeeper... and that the bees aren't out looking for a new place to live... oh and that no one gets stung and ends up in the hospital.

I got about 10 feet from the hive without any issue... there was one little "guy" who came over to see what I was doing... guess Ill see what happened when I get home :)

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