Wednesday, June 25, 2014

3GWOODWRKS Drop Spindles...

About two weeks ago, I was "trolling" Etsy just looking at all the pretties, when I came across this amazing Banksia Pod Mini Drop Spindle...

I really wanted it... and it was only $12.50... once I started looking at the site, I realized that you could order three custom spindles and get one free... so you mean to tell me that I can get 4... yes 4, mini spindles for $37.50???

Heck Yes... I contacted the shop owner, Gary, and asked him what I needed to do... talk about easy... just let him know what woods I want for the whorl, and if I want a dark or light colored shaft...

He didn't ask for any money up front... after a couple days, I had a message with some pictures of the spindles... All I had to do was pay for three of the custom listings ($12.50) each, and he would send me all four spindles.

Monday, a package arrived at work... and there they were... four little spindles... they are right around 5" in length, and have a 1 1/2" whorl... I know that your thinking that they are too small to really use for anything... but let me tell you, they are the perfect size to toss into your purse or diaper bag with a little bit of fiber... and they will surely keep you busy at your next doctor's appointment :)

I ordered:
--> Banksia Pod with Dark Shaft
--> Spalted Tamarind with Dark Shaft
--> Aromatic Cedar with Light Shaft
--> Maple Burl with Light Shaft

Obviously I had to get the Banksia Pod... I was a little conflicted about which other ones to pick though... I have been watching the show "Filthy Riches" on National Geographic... and some of the guys hunt for Burl... so I just had to get the Maple Burl.

Okay, you have waited long enough... Here are the pretties :)

See that Banksia Pod in the front :)

Aromatic Cedar on the Left... and Banksia Pod on the Right

Spalted Tamarind on the Left and Maple Burl on the Right

Aren't they pretty???

If you are interested in some gorgeous spindles... that are not going to break the bank... give Gary a try... He's Awesome :)

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