Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spinning a Dog :)

A while ago... who am I lying too... its been almost a year... there was this super nice lady in California who sent me about 3 lbs of Samoyed fur. For those of you who don't know what a Samoyed is (because I didn't)... it is a furry, beautiful white dog :)

Here is the actual picture of Miss Abby:

Isn't she pretty!!!

The owner, Martha, wanted to know if I could make something small to go in her cabin, to remind her of Abby... So, I finally opened up the package this past weekend and started washing the fiber.

For the most part, the fiber is pretty white and smells like a dog... I wasn't even sure if I would need to wash it first... a lot of times if you wash it first, you can felt it and then the fiber either can not be spun, or is a challenge to spin... Luckily, I have some practice, so nothing came out felted... and it was WAY whiter and cleaner :)

Washed and drying Samoyed Fiber

I decided that I didn't want to have to prep the fiber... because it is so soft and wispy, that the fur starts flying around and getting onto everything... since we don't keep animals in the house and some people have allergies, I don't want to have any issues down the road... so I started spinning right from the cloud...

On a drop spindle of course, lol.

Here is the single that is started

I'm not sure what I want to make for Martha yet... but I know that whatever it is, she will love and cherish it... She also has a 12/13 year old niece who is a little sad that she got rid of the fiber, so I would like to make something for her to carry with her... 

I will definitely keep you all up to date on how the project is going and what I end up sending to Martha :)


Second Patriotism Yarn is starting to come together in my mind... I am going to start working on the Art Yarn next... I cant divulge all the secrets yet... but this is the beginning...

Some "Horse Tail" Tatted Art Yarn Accents with Beads

I am planning on spinning in some of the tatted accents with beads for extra "bling"... Guess you will just have to wait and see what happens, lol :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you... I dyed some of it last night (Olive)... Ill have to get some pics up :)

    2. Never heard anything more about this any undate?

  2. Hi Martha,

    I have slowly been knitting the "Love You Forever" hearts by Tanis Lavallee... I had the hardest time trying to pick something to make for you both. I didn't want it to be something stupid or that would seem "weird"... I'll work on getting some pics in the next could days :)