Thursday, January 29, 2015

Randomness Yarn - Content Details

Yesterday, I mentioned that all the fiber that was spun into the reason "Randomness" yarn was from Phat Fiber Samples... well, as promised I have the details on the fiber... 

If you have never heard of Phat Fiber, it is a monthly box of samples from all over the world... small dyers and farmers send in samples that match a theme each month and those samples are divided out to create sample boxes... to learn more, visit:

I have quite a few Phat Fiber boxes stacked on a shelf... and mom was asking me what I will ever do with them... so I just had to prove to her that I will do something, lol... I randomly grabbed samples from boxes and put them into a bucket... not the entire samples was spun, but chunks of each sample were spun into the yarn that can be found here:

The samples are as follows:
1. Washed Kid Mohair Locks from Winston at Catawampus Farms
2. "Home Glamour" by All for Love of Yarn - Alpaca, Silk, Polwarth, BFL, and Bamboo
3. "Storm Warning" by Spinner's Candy - Merino, Yak, and Silk

4. "Kirin" by Shadawyn Fiber Arts - BFL
5. "Holly Golightly" by Luthvarian Fiber Arts - Merino, Tencel, and Silk
6. Luxury Fiber from Hilltop Cloud - BFL, Cashmere, and Silk

7. "Pink Lemonade" by Porpoise Fur - Texel
8. "Yellow Rose of Texas" by Kitty Mine Crafts - Falkland Merino and Rose Fiber
9. "White Water Canyon" by Mama Jude's - Plant dyed Merino, Domestic, BFL, Silk, Alpaca, Romney, and Jacob
10. "Twilight in the Old Pueblo" by Porpoise Fur - Shetland

11. "Electric Azalea" by Juja Bees - Merino
12. "Desert Succulents" by Juja Bees - Merino
13. "Painted Pony" by Debbie's Handspun - CVM x, Targhee, and Tencel

14. "Woodstock" by Susses Spindehjrne - Shetland, Trilobal Nylon, and Black Bamboo
15. "Drama Queen" by The Wooly Witch - Merino, Angelina, Bamboo, Firestar, and Star Bright
16. "The North Atlantic" by Willow Fairy Wool - Merino, Kid Mohair, and Silk

17. "Prickly Pear" by Spotted Circus - Alpaca, Bamboo, Milk, and Sparkly
18. Columbia Wool Roving from Natch Woolie

As you can see... there are a "ton" of different fibers... but the outcome was gorgeous.

Since I didn't use up all the samples... only about 1/3 of them... I have decided to start another yarn with the same samples... but this time, rather than pulling off bits from each sample... I took the sample and pulled them all apart... mixed them up in a box and am spinning away... Lets see what happens, lol :)

Surprise :)

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