Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spinning the Leftovers

At the end of December... I shared a picture of the trindle I have been using to spin the little leftover bits of fiber on... 

Since Distaff Day was last weekend, I had extra little tufts of fiber leftovers to add to the spindle... 

The way it works, is that with each batt or set of rolags I create, there is always that little bit of fiber left at the end... the stuff that I feel like is not the best fiber... its not perfect enough to sell... so I add it to a bucket... and that bucket gets spun into a "Kitchen Sink" type yarn, lol.

Here is the progress :)

"Kitchen Sink" Yarn on Trindle

I haven't weighed the trindle yet... but I'm assuming there is almost 2 ounces on it :)

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