Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spinning the Extra!

Yesterday I shared the Alpaca and Nylon "Box of Logs" that were made for a friend... Well, there is always a little bit of fiber left on the blending board at the end... I call it the "scrap" fiber... because I just don't feel like it is "pretty" enough to sell... So, it goes into a box and I spin it... 

This particular "scrap" is being spun by itself, because I just felt like it should be :)

These were the logs...

This is the "scrap" fiber

The fiber is still perfectly fine to spin... it is just in a "cloud" form and has no order to it, lol.

Resin Spindle with Flowers in it

The Yarn being spun

As you can see, the yarn is spinning up fairly thin... and I'm thinking there will actually be quite a bit when I'm done... Not sure of my guess yet... but I'm going with at least 100 yards :)

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