Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Custom Logs...

Recently I have been asked to make a custom "Box of Logs"... and I absolutely love it! Another friend wanted some alpaca blended with nylon to make some socks for her son... she said to blend it the easiest way... but I felt that the blend would be "better" if I made logs... so logs she got, lol.

The first order was for orange and purple... she did not care what types of fibers... so I dyed different colors of purple and orange... Superwash BFL, Nylon, and Soffsilk™

Coming off the board

Half Full - Look at that Soffsilk™ shine :)

Tonight this "Box of Logs" will be complete... and on their way to Texas tomorrow :)

The other sets were delivered this morning... They are unbelievable soft... The alpaca was locally grown in Lake Wales, FL on a small farm, and processed through a co-op... all the alpaca has to be under 25 micron, or it gets rejected. I am currently spinning the "scraps" from making the logs... and talk about heaven.

I sure hope that she loves spinning this fiber as much as I do... and that her son loves his socks :)

2 Boxes - 7.1 ounces total... Alpaca with Dyed Firestar


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    1. Thanks Cori... She knew what she was looking for :)