Friday, January 23, 2015

Leftovers Revealed :)

Remember the post from last week of the "scrap" type yarn I was spinning...

Well, I finally finished spinning all the fiber in the bucket last night... 

Yarn filled Trindle

Close Up of the Single

Of course I just had to Andean Ply it... It actually took me almost 20 minutes to get all the yarn off the spindle and onto my wrist, lol :)

Was running out of room on my finger

Look at the plying bracelet"

Plying didn't really take all that long... about an hour... but once you start, you really can't stop, lol.

Switched out the Arms for the heavier hearts

And Done :)

Close Up

The yarn ended up being just over 100 yards... pretty much a worsted/bulky weight... and a mix of tons of different fibers... Merino, BFL, Alpaca, Mohair, Soffsilk™, Pulled Silk, Nylon, Angelina, Firestar, Corriedale, Llama, Cormo, etc...

Cant wait to start the next one :)

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