Friday, February 6, 2015

Learning Socks!!!

I have been wanting to learn how to knit socks forever... almost 3 years now... but I have always been way too much of a chicken to even try... Well, that's not entirely true.. I did start a sock one time... it was an inch long when I decided that I needed to give up.

Recently, I had a friend share some tips about sock knitting and how easy it was... so, she officially lit the fire under my behind... and I went on the hunt to learn, lol.

First... I had to find a simple pattern... and I actually managed to find one... its called "First Time Socks - Magic Loop Technique" by Mimi Kezer -

Next was following the videos listed in the pattern to learn the German Twist Cast On... and Magic Loop... 

Magic Loop... Started

I have always been super terrified of even attempting Magic Loop... Let me tell you... it is NOT hard at all... and the whole intimidation by it was a joke... I feel like a fool for not trying it sooner :)

I hate ribbing... so it only has a tiny (1 inch) cuff, lol

Turned the Heel and working on the Gusset

I decided to just follow the instructions... and they absolutely worked!!!

Getting there...

All that's left is the toe decrease :)

The sock is complete... I just have not finished weaving in the ends... so I haven't taken the picture yet... unfortunately, I have no desire to do another one of these socks... so we will see if I complete it, or if I start another pair... This one was just a trial run anyway :)

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