Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Handmade Valentine's :)

The boys needed Valentine's Cards for their party this week... so I went to the store and bought the box of Valentine's... took them out of the box... and became extremely disappointed in how cheap they are made now a days... I remember being a kid and the cards actually felt semi substantial... now they are barely thicker than copy paper :(

About two months ago, I saw a post going around Facebook that had ideas for handmade Valentine's... so that is what I set out to create... 

They are not as "fancy" as the ones on Pinterest... but I love how they turned out... and the boys can't wait to hand them out on Friday :)

Ethan's Buggy Valentine's

I love the roach one, lol


Dylan's Scaly and Hoppy Valentine's 


Lizards too...

I tried to attach them with double sided tape... but that was a huge fail... so out came the hot glue gun... unfortunately, that meant that some of them got glue in the wrong spots... but I really hope the kids enjoy them :)

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