Friday, March 28, 2014

Pack It On Challenge - Plying - March 2014

I finally finished spinning the single... can't feel my shoulder... but I feel accomplished, lol :)

I decided last night that I would Andean Ply the yarn... so I started un-winding the spindle onto my hand... and then promptly started plying...

Of course, I think that I can get the whole skein plied while watching a one hour program... man was I wrong... I woke up at 3am with my hand covered in the plying ball... and really didn't get much done.

I decided to take the plying ball off... place it onto a stick so that I could go to work... and I will start plying again when I get home from work... Should be an interesting experience, lol.

Here is what I have so far :)

Done!!! 2 ounces of "Marbled Night" Rolags

Plying Bracelet... I didn't realize how large it was going to be, lol.

Plying on a Louet s-20

Close up of the yarn... so far anyways

I can not wait to finish plying and see what the yardage is... Be on the look out for an update on Monday :)

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