Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pack It On Challenge... Update 3 - March 2014

Since I only have one week left to finish the challenge... I figured that I really needed to start spinning and get finished... This past Saturday I sort of got the day off (from the kids that is), and went up to Four Purls Yarn Shop (http://www.fourpurls.com/) in Winter Haven... I got to just sit and spin, man was it nice :)

I am just about finished with spinning the single... only have one more rolag to go!!! This spindle is getting super heavy though... my shoulder is actually hurting from spinning, lol... I have never had that happen before... but I am loving the yarn so far.

Here are the update pictures... and hopefully I will get it plied this week:

The spindle and fiber 

Close Up of the Yarn :)

And my favorite... I just love seeing the yarn through the cutouts

Wish me luck in finishing the yarn :)

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