Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pack It On Challenge - March 2014

So... I signed up for the Pack In On Challenge, March 2014... Its part of the Spindle Candy Forum on Ravelry... Basically you get as much fiber as you can on your spindle, ply it, and show your finished skein of yarn by the end of March :)

I was pretty late to the game, but figured what the heck... so I went ahead and started spinning, lol.

I had made some rolags a while ago and they were not selling... Figured I should go ahead and spin 'em... 

"Marbled Night" Rolags and a Snyder Steampunk Spindle

Here is the top of the spindle... you can fit a ton on it...

Close up of the rolags... they are a mix of:
*Border Leicester

So far, they have been a joy to spin... and I just love all the different colors... most of them I completely forgot were added, lol... There are little bits of yellow every now and then... 

With the challenge, you have to show your weekly progress... I only have two weeks so far... but more will follow :)

Week 1

Week 2

I am going to finish this challenge if it kills me... I always feel like I never get anything done... but I am definitely determined to get it done :)


  1. Good luck with the challenge! Your spindle is really cute! I love steampunk!

    1. Thank you... It spins pretty good too... Cant wait to get to the plying part to see how much it can actually hold :)