Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hearthwise Spindles... sort of a review :)

Last March (2013), I saw an ad for this really unique looking spindle... it was used, so I knew there might be some "damage" or that the ad was not completely accurate... I figured what the heck, I do love spindles, so I bought it...

When the spindle arrived, it was a lot bigger than I had expected... and it is a fairly heavy spindle... but let me tell you, this thing is a champ... definitely a "multi-tool" of spindles... and can do just about anything.

At first I could only get sport weight singles... so it made a thick worsted or bulky yarn when plied... Now, I can get between lace and fingering... so when I ply it, its DK to Sport weight.

I really don't think that with the weight of the spindle, you could spin a super thin single and ply to create a lace weight... but it is awesome for plying!

For me, I am partial to Andean Plying... I spin and spin my single, take it off... and then ply it back on itself... this spindle, like I said is definitely a multi-tool. I don't even need to worry about having another spindle with me... and plying is super fast.

Take a look for yourself... the shape is just so unique... and it is sturdy... I am not at all worried about dropping and breaking this spindle... 

Here is the top... I think its called an "Dragonfly" spindle

This is the end - the damage on the bottom was there when I purchased it Used

Here it is with 56 yards on it... can absolutely hold a ton more

Small sample from a rolag

And a close up of the plied yarn :)

Coming Up are my absolute favorite pictures of this spindle... I honestly did not realize how gorgeous they were until just now... I think that they may actually get framed and hang over my spindle collection... No Lie :)


Aren't they freaking cool???

And this is not the only shape... the one I really want is called a Shroom Spindle... and it looks just like a mushroom... His prices are reasonable as well... I think from $45 up to $65... or something like that... now I know my husbands drill cost more than that... and I definitely use my spindle more, lol :)

If you want to get in touch with Charles of Hearthwise Spindles, he is on Facebook:

On Yelp:

And on Etsy:

If you have any questions, Charles is pretty quick with getting back to you... and the quality of his products is wonderful... Check him out :)

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