Friday, March 7, 2014

Planes... but Trains first, lol.

We bought the boys a membership to the airplane museum here... since Aaron is working tomorrow, I decided that I would take the boys over and see what its all about...

Well, that got me thinking... I remember taking pictures of a model train exhibit at the Eagle Lake Mistletoe Marketplace... the kids absolutely loved it :)

Every year at the Marketplace, there is a room upstairs full of a model train exhibit... the first time I saw it, I recognized one of the guys... it was Bob... he was my neighbor when I was a kid (still lives next to mom)... I remember him catching my rabbit and bringing him home when he would get out.

I just thought it would be a pleasant change from all the fiber I post... plus, I have two little kids... they love planes and trains, lol.

The Ridge Model Railroad Club, Inc. of Winter Haven, FL is who puts on the display... they also meet once a month in Eagle Lake, FL if anyone is interested in attending :)

Wish me luck with the boys tomorrow :)

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