Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hand Painted Thread...

Since I have been preparing and listing more and more hand painted thread on Etsy, I decided to take some pictures of "my stash" of thread... Just some pics of what they look like in hank form, as well as wound onto "handmade" PVC bobbins... The bobbins fit into the Lizbeth thread holders too... so its a double bonus :)
Neon Green that fades into a mix of lighter green and white

A mix of Green and Dark Purple - reminds me of a grape vine

This one goes from Red to Orange to Yellow and then has some white bits too
Reminds me of Florida Gator colors... but the blue is too light

Red that goes into pink... this one would have been perfect for Valentine's Day

And here is a favorite for me... it is a pastel-y tie dye... absolutely beautiful :)

These are just a few of the examples of "dye" jobs I have been working on... there are also some others listed on my Etsy shop...

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