Friday, September 4, 2015

Two Weeks til Fiber In!!!

As some of you may know, the Florida Fiber In is right around the corner... just two weeks to be exact!!!

I have been trying to keep my cool this year... and not put too much extra thought into things... because as you know, I can not just keep in simple, lol... All these new ideas just keep jumping in my head and I have to actually stop thinking about them :)

So, lately I have been testing out a new method of dying... and I let the boys pick out the colors... whatever happens, happens... but man are they proud when the fiber is dyed... 

Here are some of their dye jobs you will get to see at the Fiber In :)

Some of the boys color choices :)

Ethan's Favorite!

Dylan's Favorite!

Proud Boys!!!

Everyday after work, they ask if they can "Go Make More Yarn", lol :) 

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