Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three!!! Only 3 Days Remain!

Three days til the Fiber In... I have officially figured out how Friday is going to flow... luckily my mother is going to help out greatly and take care of the kids for me... so the most important thing that was stressing me out, has now been dealt with :)

We managed to get to the studio after work last night... and apparently I didn't realize that the boys were sleepy... one minute they were up running around and the next they were passed out by the front door behind me, lol...

Knocked Out!

Hopefully tonight will be productive without the little ones being sooo tired.

Here are some pictures of one of the "secret" things that will be at the Fiber In... Hand Carved Rosewood Shawl Pins... these were made by a small company in India by craftsmen who design and then hand carve each shawl pin :)

Rosewood Shawl Pins

Six Different Styles

I'm hoping to pull another all-nighter and get more done tonight!!!

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