Friday, June 19, 2015

Texel/Dorset with Mohair and Firestar :)

I have been steadily working on getting the studio together... of course not fast enough... so I'm trying to get things going a little faster... 
Of course, I can not just focus on getting stuff moved, when there is so much other fun stuff that I can be doing... so Ive also been processing and spinning a bit, lol.

I agreed to do a batt making contract... the fiber is Texel/Dorset and then some mohair locks from the cutest little goat - Sweet Pea :)

I absolutely love when the client gives me artistic freedom to do what I want with the fiber... so I let the creative juices flow, lol...

All the Colors!!!

Test Batt... just to make sure the customer is happy with the way they are turning out :)

And of course, I just had to do a test spin... you never really know what the yarn is going to turn out like unless you play around with it...


Scott Snyder Spindle

Fingering weight single

2-Ply Spindle Spun - 110 yards

I love the little pops of color!

Finished Yarn

The batt started at 1.2 ounces... managed to get 110 yards of 2-ply Sport/DK weight yarn :)

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