Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ponce Inlet Arts and Craft Show... Part1

Here is Part 1 of the Ponce Inlet Arts and Crafts Show... I feel like each booth/person that made an impact on me or the boys should have their own post :)

So, first will just be the pictures of all the awesome vendors...

Walking up

I loved this guys carvings... there was a turtle that I really should have bought :)

More vendors...

There were quite a few vendors selling 

This was really one of the few pictures I got inside... the kids were awake by this time, lol

The lady from the above pic... her husband is an author... and I thought it was awesome that his cards were covers of the books... Ill have to find them and get some pics

And this is my favorite pic for the day... It is a knitting granny doll... of course I didnt buy it, just because I dont have any girls... but she was super cool :)

Hope to have time to get another post tomorrow... each of the next posts are going to be separate crafters and artists... I am going to have so much fun getting to see all the pics again :)

Til tomorrow, Ann

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