Thursday, October 10, 2013

Finally wanting to Dye!

Since the Fiber In, I have had no desire to dye anything... Every time I have thought about it, I make us some excuse why I just dont have time to do it... Sad, I know :(

Last night, a package came from my friend Val... Inside the box... 11 colors of dye :) I just couldn't let them sit there, they deserved to be tested out, right?

I actually stayed up til well past midnight, just so that I could play with the dyes... Here is what came out of my "no sleep" time, lol.

230 Yards (each) of Superwash Merino... I am in love :)

Pink and Orange

Blue and Avocado

Purple and Bronze (which is actually sort of a green color)

I was extremely pleased with how each one turned out... I will soon have a scarf pattern finished that will come along with each skein purchase... I am working out the kinks at night after work :)

And of course there has to still be something sitting on the stove...

Bronze and Chocolate Brown... I looks Camo to me...

Who knows what tonight holds :)

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