Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tour de Fleece - Finished Yarns

Since I haven't really been keeping up with the days and progress... I figured I would just post about the finished yarns...

I have been trying to spin everyday... sometimes its only for a couple minutes, and others for a few hours. Having the kids all the time makes it a little difficult at times... lots of little fingers to watch out for :)

So... Other than the one skein that is already pictured in the previous post... I have done 3 more so far.

1. 325 Yards of Misc. Fibers from the Mad Hatter Batt Swap for the Fun Onion group on Ravelry... I had 3 partners and they each sent me fiber... then I made rolags and spun them into a fun and crazy yarn!

2. 50 Yards of "Buffy" - Buffy was my friend Laurie's dog who passed away a few years ago... many people have attempted to spin this fiber, with no success... so since I am always up for a challenge, I decided to give it a shot... Man was it difficult... I hand carded the fiber into punis and then started spinning super slowly... that is why there is only 50 yards :)

3. 120 Yards of Self Striping Yarn - this was for a challenge in the Blue Mountain and The Clay Sheep group on Ravelry... Beth from Blue Mountain came up with a way to spin self striping yarn without all the measuring and accuracy... so for the challenge, we followed her technique, spun up the yarn... then knit or crocheted it into a finished product...

Since I only had 120 yards and I couldn't figure out what the make... I decided to make a scarf... I had test knitted the Pullman Scarf by Angel Vista a few months back and decided that this yarn should be a "sort of" Pullman Scarf :)

Test both on mom and mom...

Hopefully I will have more yarn for you shortly... since the Tour de Fleece ends on Sunday :(

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