Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013 - Day 5

As you may know, the Tour de France is upon us... for spinners, this time is known as the Tour de Fleece... and we spin as much as we can... every day if possible and see what we can get done :)

So, since I am actually trying to stick with it... there's no better way than to document everything that is going on... here :)

I decided to try out some colors that did not go together at all and see what happened in the end... so the pictures below are of Andean Plying... and what each color change looks like...

 The plying process begins... Purple - Purple

Purple - Blue

Blue - Teal

Teal - Purple

Purple - Purple

Purple - Yellow (This one I was nervous about... but its not too bad)

Yellow - Red/Pink

Red/Pink - Purple

Finished with Purple - Purple

Since I loved how everything was plying... I couldnt wait to get home last night and get the yarn skeined and washed... Here is the final result... I must say that I love it

A total of 72 Yards... Hand Dyed... Rambo, Corriedale, Mohair, Columbia, and Border Leicester... Enjoy!

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  1. Very nice! I'm enjoying seeing what you're doing, although it makes me realize I have so much more to learn than I first thought. Good thing I have the patience of Job! :) Keep up the good work!