Friday, March 11, 2016

Present from Dilly :)

I turned 30 on Valentine's Day... my son, Dylan, got a loom for Christmas... he said that he wanted to make coasters for people for next Christmas... so I set up the loom and let him get to work.

Dylan is four years old... same as his brother, lol... but Dylan has always wanted to be involved while mommy is crafting... doesn't matter if its treadling the spinning wheel or passing the shuttle through the loom. So, on Black Friday, Target had the Melissa & Doug tapestry loom on sale... I of course had to get it for him :)

When my birthday came around, he walked into my office and handed me this...

Nana helped him with the packaging... but he signed his name.. and the XO :) 

My Coaster

Dylan decided the I should receive his first coaster :)

Coaster in Use

I have it on my desk at work.. and couldn't be prouder of him... I absolutely love it... and I love that Dylan has the "crafty" gene :)

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