Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Christopher Wayne Renfrow

I have been working on so many things that I wanted to share with you all... but life happens... 

My best friend for the last 17 or 18 years (I don't remember the exact date, but I was 11 when we met) passed away on Monday evening... he and I had gone of different paths after high school, but no matter what, we were always there for each other.

Chris - Senior Year

When I moved to Gainesville, I talked to Chris at least once a week just to check in with him... he eventually moved to Illinois and we continued contact... one night he called and said that he needed a ride from the Ocala bus station back to Winter Haven to see his family for Christmas... of course I drove down to Ocala at 1am and took him and his friend Kenny back to Winter Haven.

We stayed in contact while I was in Naples, and we would make time to see each other when I came back to town.

He had fallen on some hard times the last few months and wasn't really sure where life was going to take him... but he always had that wonderful smile on his face... even on my worst day, he would make me feel better... he decided to move back to Georgia to be with his family.

Not sure when it was taken, but I love this pic of him

The day that he was heading to Georgia, I took him to the bus station... we sat in the truck for a couple hours just talking... I handed him a letter that I wrote him to read on the bus... I figured that it was better to tell someone everything you ever wanted to say to them, just in case... we hugged, cried, and he got on the bus... I cried the whole way home... afraid I might never see him again :(

Back of his sophomore picture

Every week he was in Georgia, he would call or text just to let me know how life was going... he was doing really well up there... spending tons of time with his family... and always gushing about his two beautiful nieces... he was finally completely happy... 

Yesterday, I got news that shook my world like nothing has since Scot (my step dad) passed... Chris was found not breathing and had passed away... 

We had highs and we had lows... we were close and distant... but no matter what, he was there for me, and I was there for him... just blind love... I loved Chris from the time we were 11 years old, and I will love and miss him forever

If you have something to say to someone, say it... you might not get tomorrow!

9th Grade

Goodbye Christopher Wayne... may you rest peacefully... I will love you forever... until we meet again!


  1. Sorry for your loss Ann. You did a good job explaining that we need to say what we need to say now, before it is too late. You were a good friend to him and he will always be with you in your heart. Hope your heart heals soon. Love you

    1. Thank you. His memorial service was very nice, and getting to spend time with his family helped. I know he is with me... and Im always going to miss him.

  2. Ann, Thank you again for being such a wonderful friend to my baby brother. Thank you for coming and being there with us this week it truly means a lot and I'm so very glad I got to meet you and talk with you.

    1. You are very welcome Lisa... Chris and I got to grow up together... and I know I wouldnt have done a lot of the things I have without him. He has truly left a hole in my life, but I know he will live on through me. It was so wonderful getting to finally meet you... and I loved spending time with all of you guys